Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Want a unique, personalized handbag?

Then get your favorite picture made into a fotobag!
The handbags are made of outdoor advertising banner and are 100% waterproof.
All the Fotobags are sewn by Pinta Vida.

Choose between 3 different styles:

The Beira / The Maputo
(33cmx36cm) (36cmx33cm)

These two totes are perfect for carrying around your everyday essentials.
The Beira is for portrait pictures while the Maputo is for landscape pictures.

Price: 1 200mt

The Pemba

This small shoulder pouch is the perfect bag for going out!

Price: 500mt

All bags are printed on both sides.

To order, email your picture to

Monday, 24 August 2009

Funky up your style with these unique products that will turn your favourite picture into a unique work of art.

email: art.maputo@gmail.com or call

Foto Bag

Want a unique, personalised handbag? Then get your picture made into a Foto Bag.
The handbags are made in collaboration with Pinta Vida*
and the material used is advertising outdoor banner making them 100% waterproof!

Price: 1 200mt

*: Pinta Vida is a volunteer initiative that partners with community organisation to generate unique and creative ideas that both care for the environment and provide income for people living or affected by HIV and AIDS.